Sunday, July 30, 2006

Post-stay at Fee's

It has been a busy week following the last weekend's stay with Fee.

On early Saturday morning, we had set off happily to Fee's for what we thought was an innocent visit, but to our surprise, mummy was out of sight within 15 minutes (to go for a camp) and we were left there like two abandoned kids.

Of course we waited and we looked. But she did not come back into sight again.

What followed can be read at Fee's blog... I decided to busy myself with parenting while silly Party wanted to adopt the two furry bunnies.

But mind ya, these were not all to the stay. For me, parenting's been tough. While putting myself in an unfavourable position as the bully, everyone truly neglected to explain why Fee's toy - Tug - was around my neck... and look dear Fee, what huge fangs you have...

Things got dramatic on Sunday when Party turned moody and refused to respond to anyone. Fee’s mummy, Auntie R, was so worried that she even called mummy! It was only until he got all the special attention (unfair), sweet talk (double unfair) and air-con plus more roaming time (super unfair) that he ‘came back to life’.

And when mummy finally turned up on Monday to pick us up, Party looked as if great grievances had been done unto him; he hid in corners and looked so sad!

After we went home, he sulked, looked bored or pitiful at all times. One time, he even went as far as to disappear and hide in the bathroom. Ooo… that surprised mummy who knows that we hated the bathroom – we usually had to be tricked/ lured/ whisked in there for our showers. Mummy almost believed that he was sick, till he responded to ‘special attention’ (yeah, that high-pitch ‘Party Party…’, sleeping on the bed… air-con…)

Poof, only I know that the big baby was trying to instill immense guilt in mummy for leaving him behind. Or perhaps his insecurities about being abandoned are acting up again. Oh well, he gets all the attention again…

Thankfully I am in luck! Party is the one working hard but I am getting to ride on the benefits again! We just heard that we are going for the long-awaited picnic at the dog run next Saturday!

Way to go, Party!

Pleased wire,


Saturday, July 15, 2006

the chicken & tiger weekend


While mummy was not looking, someone stole mummy's food off the table. Not much damage was done because mummy only went off to the kitchen to get a drink. Someone Ran off with only a piece of chicken.

Alas, I was caught - i mean found - very, very near the crime scene. Again.

I toyed with the idea of convincing mummy of the 'Return of the naughty tiger', but oh well, perhaps I ought to save it for fleshier emergencies.

While mummy was on her way home from dancing classes, I was alarmed to learn that she had made friends with a little creature. Alas, does she not look like a tiger!

Poor little tiger was barely the size of 2-week-old fleshy Fee and mummy almost wanted to bring her home to live with us. It was the tiger's friendly behaviour, which got her all reminiscent about the ways of wiry puppies...

Gosh, I think mummy is disillusioned! How could a tiger ever be like us wires?! Then again, if mummy had brought her home, I would have stronger claims on naughty tigers out to frame my good name in all mischief huh?



Friday, July 14, 2006

sedated week

Mango and I are incredily bored.

It is a busy period at work for mummy and OUR quality time & life are compromised! And then we heard that our Uncle Pt is travelling for a week for work! Work again!! This means no extra complimentary treats, nor swims nor nice, long outings are in store. And our up-coming picnic has to wait till he is back and cleared off some of his work.

How can we ever sulk enough?

I have taken on special-wire-task-force work and am WORKING overtime, unpaid of course, to make mummy guilty enough for a some special outing this weekend.

I cannot wait to go on outings and earn some extra pats. And I can see Mango yearning to meet people who will exclaim about how adorable she is.

So far, my hard labours have earned special priviledge to sleep on mummy's bed for a few nights and Mango's riding on the priviledge too. Oh well, this is better-than-nothing.

Of course I have my cosy little house of a bed, but during this sedated week, what could beat enjoying special priviledges?



Saturday, July 08, 2006

Hot hot dayz

Dear God,

It is so hot here. Will anyone bring us out for a swim?


*Panting from the heat,

Friday, July 07, 2006

The tiger & two brave wires

Seriously! How safe are homes without wires?

While you were at work today, we told mummy, a tiger sneaked in. It set itself on a wild rampage and did this:

Ooo... mummy looked incredulous.

With earnest eyes, we described vividly how the rude tiger boldly dragged mummy's bolster off her bed while we watched. We are respectful wires and surely we cannot set our paws on mummy's bed to stop it. After all, there are paws-off rules that we strictly abide.

We know this looked bad. But then, we did put up a strong fight - we fought like two good wires and sponge flew their way to our precious drinking bowl! And we went without water since then!!

Thankfully, we fought off the tiger. Who knows what other damage it could have done, to our defenceless toys and not to mention, mummy's helpless doll...

Yeah yeah, mummy told us. A nice tale worth believing - if Party did not have some bits of sponge stuck on his face to give us both away.

Darn... I thought I licked it all up...

Guilty wires,


(also on behalf of Party, who is still looking innocent, minus the sponge bits)

Monday, July 03, 2006

Mango, Party & Uncle Pt

*on tiptoes*... We sincerely intend to keep a slightly low profile here and while awaiting Fee's whiny comments to our every word but I can't wait for all of you to meet this little man.

Technically barking, this man is our serious competition since he takes up quality time we could have had with mummy.

But then again, he makes it all up with plenty of treats, toys, swims and picnics. He has even sponsored our studio shoots. And the thing is he adores me!! I have completely charmed him!

Fever, our daughter knows him as uncle peter pan, but us! We are special and he addresses himself as 'uncle pt' with us.

Initially, Uncle Pt politely listened to mummy's tales of our adventures, quietly bemused and cynical about us. But when he met us, he was easily won over by our wiry charm.

I always make sure that I greet Uncle Pt with warm wiry bounces because his presence almost always means good things. Perhaps he realises that sweets and MacDonalds French Fries & MacNuggets always help us put in a good word about him to mum. After all, mummy would not date someone who is not fond of us!

We knew he likes us, when he, one who has never kept a dog, boldly offered to bring us out alone, after meeting Party and me for a few occasions. He speaks proudly of the WFT whenever he finds a keen listener and sheepishly admits that before meeting us, he never dreamt that he would pay for MacNuggets, nor de-oil MacNuggets for a pair of greedy wires.

Other than regular bribes, Uncle Pt loves me by being there for me. He came all the way just to see me a day before I delivered Fee - the day mum was worried sick about me. On the day when I had the c-sec, he rushed over to the doc's to see me, even before mummy arrived. That makes him the first person Fee and I saw when we came out of surgery (other than the doc and nurses)!

And once, when I was sick and mum had to work (boo, there isn't a 'Dog-sick- leave' policy where mummy works), Uncle Pt came to pick me early in the morning, brought me along for an important meeting and then to the doc's.

Recently, he nicknamed us all after MacDonalds cos of our love for MacDonalds. Me- MacGoondoo, Party is MacKootoo and Fever is MacPeepee. Haha...


Mango aka MacGundoo

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Long-awaited baby pictures

Whee hee!! Seems like bloggerland thunderstorm has passed for the moment. Party and I are grateful to all wiry pals who had been keeping us in prayer too!

While it is sunny and bright in here, I am posting the long-awaited pictures of Fee during her first month out of my tummy!

Fee at birth:

Fee at two weeks:

Fee at three weeks, with tummy on the floor:

Fee's face at birth. Does she look like a gerbil?

Fee's face two weeks- eyes are fuzzy as they had just opened but definitely looking more WFT:
Oo... Fee was teased. Fee sulks:
Fee proceeded to boldly show her backside at my mummy:

Interesting, this is Fee's happiest 1st month picture:

You see, Fee's inclination toward food began early. Tired after play, Fee sleeps in my bowl. - One day short of a month old. Note huge middle?

Whee hee,


WFT Parents' Golden Rules- Part 2

... Cont'd

8. Thou shalt inspect thy wire pup's neighbourhood with fervor.

9. Thou shalt put heads together and bond with thy wire pup.

10. Thou shalt let thy pup show the way occasionally. Pant and walk in identical strides. After all, thou art family.

Wiry parents,

Party & Mango

WFT Parents' Golden Rules- Part 1

Top 10 golden rules for WFT parents:

1. Thou shalt be respectful toward the two-legged mummy's quality time with wiry pup and wait for thy turn.

2. Thou shalt leave neither nook nor corner unchecked for potential menace.

3. Thou shalt check every door to ensure safety in pup's home.

4. Thou shalt be Always interested in where your pup's curiosities lie.

5. (In the case of fish tanks) Thou ought to ensure that presence of other pets are not threatening to puppy. Water level ought to be high and taste of good quality. Marking of tank is encouraged to ensure fish remain respectful of wire presence.

6. Thou shalt play hide-and-seek with thy pup. Always pretend that it is hard to find pup, no matter how easy it seems.

7. Thou shalt exercise with thy pup. Catching is to be encouraged.

To be continued...

Wiry parents,

Party & Mango


What a day!

On Saturday morning, Mango and I busied ourselves getting ready for the visit.

We allowed ourselves to be bathed to look presentable for the visit. Then we rushed mummy to get treats for 'malnourished' Fee - just to keep her from nagging from us about her impoverished circumstances.

We surrendered to mummy, all our savings (from our hongbaos collected during Chinese New Year - Twenty Glorious Singapore Grand Dollars). Although we do not really understand mummy's explanation about money (and how she had to work to earn that to feed us), we were confident that since it was all that we have, it would be enough to bring everything from the shop home if we want to. With that, we uncovered the papery treasure from under our bed and went shopping.

We chose so much stuff!! But alas! Things turned sour between the uncle at the shop and us when he did not allow us to take them all - he said that we did not have enough money. Huh? Does he not understand that we had given up ALL of our savings? Can't he see the two grand red dollar notes we held in our mouths? We insisted on lugging all the treats and toys back but they were too much for us to lug away quietly without the uncle noticing.

In the end, we settled for just a few packets of treats and a little green doll. It was a nice green doll and we hoped it could substitute the one that Fee thought her mummy was making for her but turned out otherwise.

Surely, Fee will finally know that we are a family, and that we, her parents are so happy to be able to give to her.

It would be a good visit, we were sure.