Thursday, June 29, 2006

Magic Fever

Dear all,

Before our sharp wiry daughter notices that her wiry parents are happily posting blogs of newly found friends from bloggerland and lamments that we are neglecting her, we are dedicating this WHOLE post to her- yeah, our big pampered girl!

Fever was due on 14 Nov 2005. I started scratching around and feeling the super- grumps on 13 Nov (signs of delivery), but she remained contented in me.
Mummy took me to the vet on 15 Nov as she was super worried that I might start delivering alone at home. The doc slapped my bloated tummy to ascertain that Fee was still alive, took my temperature and cheerily announced that the baby should be coming soon.
However, he recommended a C- sec as he suspected that there were few pups, which increased chances of having a huge pup, which means getting stuck during birth, and prolonged delivery. That was how Fever was forcibly taken to meet this brave new world on 15 Nov 05. The vet was right- 1. she was big. 2. She had no siblings.

Right from the start, Fee was a big baby with a big appetite. Once she had learnt to suckle, she demanded ALL day long. And night too. Her little tummy was perpetually bloated and looked ready to burst... surprisingly, it din. She drank milk while I was lying down, sitting, or standing up. I believe her circus career began then- she could hang on to me with her tiny mouth while the rest of her heavy body was suspended in air, and suckled away for her dear little life.

Despite my warning growls and occasional growls (which resulted in her wailing piteously and me looking like a big bully) warning her that she was drinking too much, Fee would still waddle over for more MILK. By the time she was two weeks' old, she looked like a well- nourished 1- month old wire.

Also, despite looking like a guinea pig at first, I was sure that the doc did not swap my wire baby for a guinea pig in the surgery room. Fee inherited the classic wire character- she did not hesitate to show her unhappiness- she showed her displeasure toward this cold new world with whines. Right from Day 1, she also would not be flipped over. If she was, she would holler away at the top of her tiny lungs. In subsequent days, for any routine checks or cleaning or carrying in a way she din feel like enduring, Fee wailed and struggled and kicked and wiggled.

Fee developed her (loud) wailing routine into an art of sulking. Once, when her wails and kicks did not prevent mummy from getting her to be tummy- rubbed, Fee sulked when she was finally let down. Then, she quickly snuggled up and showed her fleshy backside to mummy! That is something that even fearless me (except for thunders) did not have the audacity to do...

It was a relief when Fee was eventually whisked off to her forever home. She went to live with Auntie R- mummy's cousin. There, Fee lives the abundant life where food, toys and treats are overflowing. Fee also continued her circus career, developed her sulking trait plus critical thinking skills and she is treated like a little princess. She even has a blog of her own to show it all off.

Fee has quickly forgotten about us... She believed that we are out to bully her whenever we come all the way for parents' visits... she would wail and then slink away to hide.

Hah... I just heard that she had grown bigger since the last time her vital stats are taken and I cannot believe it that she is now bigger than yours truly. We shall have to visit her soon to find out for ourselves.

Lurff you Fee,
Ah Ma aka Mango.

Feeling stuffed

Oh gosh...

Both Party and I are feeling totally stuffed. Something is not right and we are not able to put up more lovely pictures since the last blog.

Please be patient with us while we try to figure out what is wrong in the gibberish of the 'template' language.

What a gloomy day without pictures of 2 vain wires and baby photos of Fever. We are visiting Fever soon and we cannot believe it if we cannot post more photos of the reunion.

Wires of brave hearts and good bloggerland knowledge, do help point a toe in the direction on how we can solve the mystery of bloggerland! In the meantime, Party and I are keeping our paws together in prayers that this mystery is just a passing phase- um... just like thunderstorms.

Full of wiry gloom,
Mango & Party

Monday, June 26, 2006

Another Wiry Pair

Introducing a pair of our new wiry friends- Butchy and Snickers! Yup! they met young Fever through Axel, and then found us in bloggerland! They are so adorable that we can imagine mummy wishing to cuddle them!

Both Party and I agree with all paws, that the wire's so fun that you cannot have one too many, and Butchy and Snickers could surely testify to that!

I discovered new truths- Butchy is afraid of thunder too! Gosh, now, i feel much better and less alone! Hee!

I also learned that Butchy and Snickers post pics of one another too. Hehe, that will show our daughter that her parents are not the only ones to put up pics of one another and expose each other's secrets too! After all, Snickers was the one who let out that Butchy is scared during the thuderstorm. Dun worry, pal, join the say- no- to- thunder club!

Butchy is looking handsome and we can't wait to see gorgeous Snickers in her upcoming new haircut! Hmm... Butchy looks serious... sure reminds me of Party...

Both of them live in US too, and shares a beautiful home!! Check out all the beautiful flowers that their mummy grows right in their garden.

Howls, US must be a wire disneyland. First Axel with the dog park and enjoying all seasons and now, look at Snickers, looking like she is living off a page from the wonderful two- legged children's storybook 'The Secret Garden'!

Butchy and Snickers spend leisurely days protecting the koi in their mummy's fish ponds and monitoring the beautiful flowers that their mummy grow. On other ocassions, they mentioned that they had lounged around, posting blogs while their mummy take naps, and had been real comforting pals to Fever.

Visit the wires of 'the secret garden' here!!

I sure wish we live just a teensy bit nearer... *gulps*

More wiry envy,
Mango & Party

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Wiry friends

Party and I are delighted by the wiry friends we have been meeting in bloggerland! It is so fun, and we must say that, at the rate this goes, we are making more wire friends then we have in Singapore!

This is Axel- he is the one mummy discovered in bloggerland months back and has been telling us about! We cannot resist checking Axel out, cos mummy has also been finding out lots of stuff through him (including toys she cannot find here)!

Anyway, we have been lurking around too and seems like Axel is a very friendly and sociable wire. We are envious that Axel has a pool of his own during summer, and gets to play with snow in winter! This is such a cool wiry lifestyle!

And look at all the fun Axel has at the dog park! What a dream come true! For me and Party, the friendliest dog park- where we are allowed to go off leash- is about half an hour's car ride away and so mummy cannot bring us there everyday. *Sulks*

Axel is a kind- hearted wire, who also posts actively when there are wires in need of new homes, thoughtful prayers and updates regularly when homeless wires have found new homes. This definitely wins big toes' up from Party!

Party has been reading Axel's posts on the Blainville wires, growling, sighing and howling in protest. He tells me that he secretly wishes that we live in the US, and then, mummy would be able to bring some of them home to live with us. I think he recalls the terrible neglected and unloved days and thinks that no wire deserves such treatment!

Do support Axel and check out his blog here. Also check out our blog for more updates of new wiry pals!

Paws up,

Saturday, June 24, 2006

'Fighting' parents?

Our dear baby wire, Fever- Fee says:

dear parents,
score: party - 1; mango 1. let the rumpus begin!

PS: this may not be a good time, but reminder: visit fee = bring treats + toys.

Fee has gone to live with our mummy's cousin, after she was born (15 Nov 05) and was big enough to leave me (whew, what a relief, she suckles like there is no tomorrow!) Now, expectedly, she is a big baby with a healthy appetite for treats, food, and everything she can put into her mouth. Lucky for her, she enjoys total attention, has all yummy treats and love to herself.

She is one clever little wire who thinks that her parents are out to bully her, and hides eagerly from us when she sees us. When out of sight, e.g. in the safety of her home, she is keeping track of us and asking for presents!!!

Anyway, dear Fee, we are sure you will be reading this. We are pleased that you enjoy finding out about your parents through our blog. In fact, your ah ma would be happy to tell you more about your little ways when you were a little baby and was nursing with me.

Dun worry, your ah pa and ah ma 'argues' alot, but we are ok with each other and so we patch up in seconds. In fact, if either of us is left at home when the other is out, we would get real upset- even your serious ah pa. During the time when you and I were in the nursing home, ah pa barked and barked alone at home.

Cheer up, we are not that dysfunctional... or is little Fee going to be disapointed? These are some pics to keep you remembering your generally happy folks.

Me on the right and Party on the left. Oh! I am going to be 5 come August and Party's turned 6 in March this year. Many people who din understand our breed thought that we are old- but nah!! We still do good wiry bounces (on our hind legs), feel young all the wiry way!

That's Party- he looks serious all the time, and so mum chose a pirate costume for him. I think he must be staring earnestly at a treat above the camera with his one eye cos he sure din look mean enough to me!

This is me, happy always. I have looked it up and this is the costume of the Chinese Ching Dynasty Princess. I'll bet a princess' life would come with unending stream of treats and toys and attention, cos I did get loads of them when I was in this costume!

Gruff loves,


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ao- wooo....

Ao- wooo... ...

I cannot believe Party's 'wicked' sense of humour... Tsk tsk! A blog reveals the true colours of the mate I have been living with for the past dunno- how many years... lemme see... almost five years... *sulks*

Since you have posted my embarrassing low- tail pics, i shall show everyone how you looked like when you first came.

Mummy took Party in to live in the pet shop she was working at then- in 2002. She didn't know what to do with him then, and she was not planning on a second dog. She allowed him stay, thinking she will find a home for him. Party was homeless and look at him! who will want him? Furthermore, he was 2 year plus, and the reality is that it is harder to rehome adult dogs in Singapore.

Party was shown by his first owner and did well as a puppy. But then his owner sold him for a high fee to another person who wanted to show him. However, that owner did not seem to have time for him and later sold him for another fee to a man with many many dogs. Eventually, he could not cope with too many dogs at home and sent Party to live in a breeding farm. Party lived there for a long while in the poor conditions before that final owner took him out from the farm and looked around for a new home for him; for another fee. Mum's groomer at the pet shop bought him although he did not have a place to house him and that was how Party came to live at the pet shop and subsequently, in our home.

This pic was taken one week after he came. When he first arrived, he was dirtier, smellier, and full of tick bites. I think we could count his ribs if we want to. Did I mention that he also came tail- down? And head low?

Party accepted the makings of his first bed- an old towel- politely and subsequently, was so excited when offered a towel, as if it meant the world to him. At then, I would go to work with mummy, and tried to bully- play with him, and he put up with all that.

There I was, living the life of a queen, nice and round, happy and with many toys and this boy was living for his daily treat of a fuzzy old towel.

And then, mummy gave in... mummy brought him home to stay for one night as a special treat (plus an old towel of mine for the night)- oh yeah, he was so nervous that he salivated during the car ride- and from then on, each time mummy wanted to say goodnight and leave him to go home, he looked so hopeful for another special treat... mummy resisted at first, but was so guilt- ridden that she caved in... again... and again... the rest is history.

From then on, I had to share the treasures in my life: toys, food, treats, room and even mummy. It was real tough at first. Apart from having to share, mummy always praised Party for going to pee on the papers, while I was going through the refusing- to- be- paper- trained phase (plus attempts to pee on mummy's bed). It was so embarrassing when mummy said I still can't pee right and was still shredding papers. Party was always a good boy, peed right, quiet and looking for all opportunities to be patted.

Now, Party is:

I took that all as best as i could, witnessing Party being praised, and then him happily galloping over for a pat. Hey! If i had not put that all up, would Party be living like a king now?

Gruffy grumbles,


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Spot the missing tail

This is Party writing, and doing so quietly. when Mango sees this tale, she is going to be pissed with me for posting her embarrassing moments. Well, it will be too late then!

Spot the missing tail in the pictures!

And most of our two- legged friends thought that Mango is the brave one between the me and her. After all, she hardly contains her displeasure with me and does not hesitate to put up a fight... like the times when we go out for walks an'd i walk faster than her.... or everytime when i jump into or out of mummy's car...

Hah! Mango's tail go missing whenever there is loud rumbles... mum says that is called thunder... on a few occasions when it stretched for a long time, she said that it was fireworks.

Whatever it was, it makes Mango scared! The first time it happened, she was so scared she peed on the floor... and me? i just stayed close to mummy and look steady. I'm a wiry boy you know! Act cool, look cool is my middle name. mind you, i was scared too, and so i casually hung around, staying next to mummy, refusing to move a single inch, and look cool as a yummy cucumber.

And here is a picyure of her, trying to reach up to paw mummy and get mummy to carry her. she looked like she was smiling, but she was not.... she was panting and salivating, and panicking.

scaredy cat! she was sooo... nervous thst she kept walking around and won't stay still enough for mummy to take more pics of her looking scared.

i wonder if she must have stolen and hidden my favourite toy and so she thought the rumbles are to scold her for it.



Sunday, June 18, 2006

I finally get to write!

This is me, Party, writing. Mango is too distracted and finally i can get my paws online, without her nipping at my shoulders to take over.

mummy did come back! this morning! imagine the relief! we had no clue what was going to happen after she left yesterday. yes.

actually, mummy did try to tell us that the 'hike' was part of an activity at work. huh? but we dun even understand what work is all about and how necessary it is.

work? Like if the collie of our kind, helps herd sheep? mummy run after sheep? or like the huskies pulling sleds for two- legged creatures? what is she doing all these for? why can't we go along?

that aside, so how is a hike related to herding? who herds sheep at night? i din hear anyone of my kind say that their mummies herd for long hours, at night... neither have i seen any sheep trooping around where we live.

if there are, why would mummy go running after sheep, when she could run after us? we do that at home anyway, catching... hide and seek... we are good, but mummy always find us.

i wonder if i can go to work with mummy... if i dun, guess, i will just have to continue to be stoic but look unhappy...




Chins up and backs striaght! chest out proud and tummies (ya, mine only; party does not have much of a tum tum) tucked in! gait eager, looks hopeful, sits pretty and paws high!

we showed mummy that we are the best company for her 'hike' yesterday.

Mymmy din say anything about this 'hike' to us, and we tucked in heartily to the grub mummy's prepared for us. early dinner made sense since we are going out!

Little did we expect that once our tummies were nice n warm, mummy began her go- out- without- us ritual. showers...packing... and OUR stuff did not make it into her huge, spacious bag. i tossed a toy carelessly in mummy's way, hinting that she could pack that in too... (what's s 'hike'- whatever it is- without some fun?) but mum din... no water bottle, yummy treats or poop bags went in as far as we could see.

these are the usual routine when mummy is going out without us!! oh no! the signs are obvious- we got our hugs, pats, praises and chews... i dun think we are going to get to go.

mummy left and i immediately began my wiry howls! no no no.... it was not meant to be like this!!!

no family, no friend, no dog- sitter, no one, nothing... party and i were left to sit with one another, eyes glued to the door, howls unheard. we tried to listen to what is going on outside the door... maybe she is just outside and will come back in soon. maybe overnight lasts for only a short short while?

and we waited.

and waited.

this is impossible. how long does an overnight 'hike' last? when will she come back?

Will anyone come?

howls & tail low,

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Sneaky business!

Mummy's tip- toeing around the house. seems to be trying to make us not notice her movements (hardly easy for sharp and alert wires like us)..

We overheard mum's phone conversation about going on an overnight hike of sorts tonight... overnight? hike? What is a hike? We have not been on one, I think. I wonder if we are going along too. Whatever it is, it sounds fun and we want to go too.

surely mummy's not going to leave us at home while she goes out to have fun eh?

surely she could not resist bringing us, if we continue to give her our totally endearing looks!


All wired up to start!

Yippees!! We did it!

Party and I had been scheming to enter into this 'cyberspace' realm for ages. It all started when we had to share our mummy with the lap- top, although it certainly din work as hard as we did to get mummy's attention.

Can a lap top give a good wiry sad look? Or a good round of persistent pawing? How about the lying low look followed by a deep wiry- chested sigh? And certainly not Party's classic head- rub on the bed while standing on two legs!

Nope! And desperate times call for desperate measures. While mummy sleeps, we are going to sneak in and leave nice paw prints for her to find! Well, she has gotta know that we, wires are going to do what it takes, to get her to notice us!

This is me, Mango. I am a feisty wire fox terrier gal. Pretty eh?

This is my pal of sorts, Party. He barks with gusto when he hears the lion dance.

zzz.... can't wait for you to find us in here, mum!

Off to scratch mum while she sleeps for now.