Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bringing our groceries home

Since Mango is on heat, I have to go stay with Fee for these few days till she cools down.

In the meantime, both Fee & I felt that we are old enough to go shopping (for dinner groceries). No more waiting behind closed doors: Meat... eggs... greens... we were all set for home. It was getting late and we thought it was better to take matters into our own paws if we wanted our dinner early. We would just have to bring our groceries back ourselves.

We huffed and we puffed.

And we found home!

Now, knowing that we can do this together as a proud father-and-daughter team, the world of opportunities has opened up to us. We can bring Giant, Carrefour, NTUC -- all the supermarkets home for dinner!


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Captured having fun

I have been determined to remain stoic and solemn (... and sleepy...) in front of the camera. However, I was out-witted twice; once because of this pin-hole camera in Auntie Fee's lap-top; looking the happiest I ever have in front of the camera... ... and another time when I was too engrossed with the chew.
I just hope this does not compromise my image as mum and Mango's serious Protector/Guard. After all, I am the boy of the household!

Wiry Loves,

P.S. Thanks Butchy and Snickers for always checking on how the meds coming along! The fits are getting further in between and milder. Guess it reduces the stress on me cos I am putting on weight!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Killing our toys all over again

One day, we found our toys missing from their hidding places. Then, mum showed us where they were:

Oh well, we did not expect that they would fancy a swim. Guess we will just have to kill them all over again when they are done!

Wiry loves,
Mango & Party