Tuesday, November 20, 2007


The past month has been full of changes. We would have blogged earlier, if not for the changes that were keeping us on our toes. (& dear Asta, we miss you loads too!)

It all began when I met a new dog-tar. I heard he is really a zoo vet but he is also trained in human & animal TCM as well as acupuncture. Recommended by Snowball & egged on by Fee's mum, our mum decided to consult with him about my fits. Mind ya, I thought that the medication is helping already; but mum is... well, ya all know what mums are like... she worries too much about my being on medication & its side effects.

The dog-tar seemed mild when I first met him; so I was surprised when he started inserting needles in my head, back, butt & legs & leaving them there! I could not really understand why mum brought me to see a dog-tar who conveniently forgot that he had left needles in a harmless wire like me... Thankfully, though I did not like needles being inserted, it did seem kinda relaxing... Since then, Mango & I have been whisked to the dog-tar at least once weekly, sometimes joined by Fee. Mum wanted to take pics to show all of you how it is like; but I had kept her busy with my scampering around in half-inserted needles and ocassional attempts at nipping the dog-tar.

My daily meals have been revamped to balance my system. O well, I am not fussy about food but since the change, we have to find out all over again what would be good for us. The only thing I refuse to yield would be to have my new TCM medication in bread since they come in 8 whopping capsules a day.

The dog-tar, while checking me during one of the sessions, saw that the pupil in my left eye did not constrict normally & suggested that it is an indication of some injury to my brain - it could be caused by a sickness when I was young or something, thus bringing forth the fits. Since I came here only at 2 & a 1/2 years old, Aunt Fee and mum could only imagine about whether there was a time in my life when I might have been sick and neglected. All these guessing made them real upset and so they kept trying to compensate for the bad part of my life.

On the upside, all these mean more car rides, more romping outings, new menus, extra treats, extra attention and more chances of getting away with mischief. Perhaps less fits, or the TCM cum acupuncture is helping to counter the tiring effects of the fits medication so I am also feeling bit more perrrky. It is great to be a less-worried wire, at last.