Sunday, October 01, 2006

Will we be different?

Dear all,

Seems like I will have to be whisked away soon enough... I think mum's just counting the days to sending me away for a while...

Actually mum intends to get us both spayed together at the end of the year. She wanted to wait till she gets her annual leave to 'fix' us so she can stay at home with us. Seriously, I cannot imagine the nightmare. Which will be worse? Two post-surgery wires bumping all over the place in large lampshades or mum having to get bumped by us all the time!

Gosh, what will it be like? Will we get fat easily when we get 'fixed'? Party's pretty skinny now so I doubt he will mind, but me's got my good figure to maintain. But will Party know when it happens? We have a poodle-maltese friend who had mourned for the loss of his manhood ever since he was 'fixed'. I cannot imagine if Party knows it is going to happen to him too....

Oh dear... what will happen to us? Will we be any different when we get, you know... 'fixed'? What will be in store for us?

Gloomy wire,