Monday, October 15, 2007


O well, for the longest time, mum and Auntie Fee have been saying that I worry too much, for a wire. They still attribute it to the days before I was rescued and got here.

Anyway, we hit the park in the weekdays and found it all to ourselves! Auntie Fee is convinced that the sun is out and the time is right... It is time to loosen up and run...

Here we go... Let's warm up!

The race starts! Here we come; with Mango right at the front!
That is me followed closely by Fee. Woo hoo, the wind beneath our wings... hair!

We ran, and we ran, and we ran! At last, it is just too hard not to live for the moment!


Sunday, October 07, 2007

Happy Happy Barkday!

Dear Butchy,

Hope Snickers & you had a good snooze after the camp-out or you will be sleeping in the park like us. Happy happy barkday, again!

Wiry loves,

Mango & Party