Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sleep, Party, sleep...

Oh dear,

I wonder if it is the effects of the medication, since it is to have a sedatory effect... Party gets into the snoozing mood whenever he is not being patted, playing, walking or eating... He has been sleeping more than before.
Presenting the canine version of the human children tale 'The Sleeping Beauty'..
(P.S. Party: Sleeping Beauty's a girl, but you are a boy...)
and he slept...
and slept...
I hope the meds have not made him forgetten all about his parenting duties... While he sleeps, I will have to cover him and this is sure keeping my paws and muzzle full with parenting Fee...

Party Party, time for some play time with Fee!!

Wiry whistles,

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Howling Lunar New Year

We just celebrated another new year on last Sunday! This 'new year' is quite special. It is determined by the moon and so humans call it the Lunar New Year. Instead of getting to make wishes, we the Rama family had to participate in the rituals of this 'new year'.

Firstly, a day before this new year, we Ramas have to be together. And we had to have dinner together. Oh well... we get together often these days but that day was meant to be special; that dinner symbolises reunion and togetherness of sorts..... Oh well, as long as there is food.
Then, we stayed up late: they say that the kids gotta stay up past midnight: it is supposed to be a display of filial piety and it will earn longevity for parents. Small wonder why young Fee was sleepy the next day during our photo shoot!

Then there were the new clothes! That is another must-have for this 'new year'! Mine was matching with Fee, but then, since I am older, mum decided to get me something with a more mature colour... I almost had to squeeze into this cos I had gotten fat between the time when mum bought it and now:

Party was daydreaming in his suit which is supposed to match mine. Perhaps he was wondering why his suit din have prints like mine and Fever's... He certainly look like a stoic ah pa between the two of us.
Last but not least, Red colour (for good luck) is a must have! Fee gets to be the bearer of the Rama good luck. She took it pretty seriously and sat throughout the shoot without moving a single inch!

As long as there is good food, good food and more good food, I suppose having many new years won't do any harm. I hope the next one is coming soon!

Optimistic wire,