Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Mum is being secretive again. She has been frantically copying some doggie recipes here there and we saw that she has started to gather some bakeware together.

Last night, she took out a measuring tape and measured up MY head; top of the head between the ears, bottom of head, between the ears, and wrote the measurements down. Then, she went on to Mango and after head measurements, she pretended that everything is normal. Gosh, imagine Mango's auguish... first the butt checks, and now mummy doing the head check.

What's going on? We know we are going to the dog run again this Sunday but usually there is not much fuss or preparation woh. We sniff a suspicious bone somewhere in this business.

To distract myself, I am pleased to know that mummy has a cute little thing hanging in her car to remind her that WE are waiting for her at home. Guess she can't find a WFT design and this is the next cutest:

Wiry loves,
Party and Mango

Sunday, August 20, 2006

My curious friend at the run

Mum and Uncle Pt brought us to the West Coast Dog Run, bright and early on Saturday morning!

Party was naughty and had to be leashed while I get free run. It was really funny cos it was the first time I met and played with this dainty swift-running breed (Italian Greyhounds), in a pack! They are a cute-looking lot, cos they looked serrious or worried most of the time!

They were friendly enough towards me, but strangely, they would run away whenever mum or Uncle tried to pat them (and boy they are fast, graceful runners). So it was up to me to be PR. I ventured over to their benches and proudly stood out as the only one with rather messy just-woke-up wiry hairdo.

It looked like one of them noticed I stood out from his kind. He was really curious about me! He followed me all over to sniff my butt so many times that even mum could recognise that particular IG was following me. In between the butt-sniffs, we did manage to get some play and it was fun to see him run:

Hey! I was checking out the other dogs and there he was, sniffing my butt again. That is me, trying to warn him, and he was pretending that he was not following me!

Oh well... if you can't beat them, join them..

After some play and more butt-sniffs, I decided that I have had enough. Maybe the worried IG looks and persistence with butt-sniffing is putting me off. Boy... I hope nothing is wrong with my butt...

Finally, I managed to lose my follower and enjoyed some solo time! I'm a wire and I wanted to have some time on my own to enjoy the huge running space!

We hung around till it got too hot. I think my poor IG friend got abit disappointed when I left. He was lingering around at our bench, looking worried again. Boy, that is sure alot of worrying that he did and I wonder why... and it makes me glad to be a happy wire!

Wiry loves,

Mango and Party

Monday, August 14, 2006

We've been tagged!

We have been tagged!

Thanks to Fever, we are now enthralled in our daughter's little game where we have to reveal 5 weird things about ourselves. How it works is that when you discover that you have been tagged, you have to reveal 5 weird things you have done/ 5 weird habits you have, and then tag 5 more other friends!

Oh well, here goes:

1) Mango is still playing with her smelly four-plus-year-old canvas doggy toy. Its squeak will no longer squeak, and it is all tattered up from all the washing, chewing and 'killing'. But you know what... mummy tried to throw it away once, but Mango picked it up from the bag. Mango's gotten abit insecure about it since that incident and makes a point to chew it a little every other day to show how she cannot do without it.

2) Mango likes boys better than girls. She is always more friendly toward boy strangers and greet them more warmly than girl strangers. (and once or twice, when the boy strangers give her attention, she peed in excitement, how embarrassing!!)

3) I will not give my paw as and when it is required of me. I only give paw if I am standing on my two hind legs and leaning my two front paws on something. I simply dun think it is wise to give paw while I sit.

4) I sing to mummy's loud loud musical alarm clock. Ssshh... only Mango and Mummy knows about it... not even Fever knows.

5) Whenever mummy whips out that camera of hers to take pics of us, we will find something interesting on the right and left sides. We also try to conveniently turn a deaf ear on her!

Now, we are off to tag more friends!

Wiry loves,
Party and Mango

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The feast

We would never ever visit Urban Pooch and not have a good meal there. So, I decided not to buy Uncle Pt's persistence at not sharing his soup with us.

Perhaps buying his friendship might win a lick of some soup?

Uncle Pt and mummy insisted that this is not for us but is theirs instead.

Oh, here's our food! Look at how far it is on the table but we know it is there. It seems impossible, but proper cafe ettiquette calls for us to be patient and with a wire reputation to uphold, we shall not have paws on the table. Instead, we resorted to having all eyes on the person who will be giving the 'go ahead' to start.

I had a juicy boneless fish course complete with some garnishes and vegetables.

It is ultimate. Coming here makes humans decide to pamper us well. Look! Someone evens hold my bowl while I eat cos I cannot reach the table top to eat in human-in-cafe style.

Party got the favourite paws' pick of a lamb pie or something. Oh well, Uncle Pt did break off a piece of it for me, but I guess Party's got the chunk of it!
Mummy commented that unlike me, Party's a big boy and can eat properly on his own. I think he is just worried that I might get to his bowl since it is on the table. Look at him! He finishes up his food in a flash! It is simply a great treat to dine in style.

Wiry kisses,
Mango and Party

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Auntie Raye's gourmet food for dogs

To celebrate National Day, Uncle Pt and mummy brought us to Urban Pooch for a yummy-licious treat!
Urban Pooch is a pet cafe which dishes out great food meant for us canines!
Sometimes, mummy brings home a take-away treat from Urban Pooch, but to us both, nothing beats dining at the real place!

Party and I sure got ourselves properly attired to dine out!!

Enter Auntie Raye. She is someone we think every canine ought to be pals with for all the canine feasts she whips up effortlessly.
Look! Here's a clever lab who has got that figured out too!

In the meantime, we admired the pics of canines whose tastebuds have been satisfied by generous portions of auntie raye's yummy cooking.

Somebody bring on the good stuff!

"Jia you auntie raye, two starving wires need feeding!"

Our food arrived but mummy insisted that Uncle Pt finishes his food before giving us our shares.
I was left to stare at every mouthful Uncle Pt took and I am not so sure if I could resist stealing some food off the table..

Thankfully, auntie raye took pity on us and grab us a bite. And of course, I put on my most adoring look for anyone whose hands carry the promise of food. Here's her trying to cool off the food for me.

I wasted no time in nibbling the food gently from auntie raye... I love dining out! We are going to post more tantalising pictures of the wonderful meal we had today!

Satisfied wires,

Mango and Party

National Dog Walk 2006 Part 2

Uncle Pt and I waited for more dogs to arrive and they sure did. Most of their owners looked relieved while some were carrying their tiny canines in. We all settled down and many began keen inspections of the goodie bags.

We had just settled down in a shady spot when some terriers found their way to our mats. Ginger, the 1 and a 1/2 wire fox terrier, and her parents came by and Party was so taken by Ginger that he could hardly take his eyes and paws off her.
Then another terrier and his parents wandered over. Fuzzy is a 14-year-old Lakeland Terrier who was rescued by his parents when he was about 6. Gosh! He must be the most well-fed terrier we ever know 'cos he roams freely to inspect the parties going on but make no attempts to beg for food!

All of our proud parents got their cameras (and camera-phones) and began snapping away as if we are all celebrities. I guess we gorgeous terriers - both wires and lakelands - are hardly common in Singapore and our parents enjoy the chance to bond and compare terror... terrier tales.

I love meeting people who also owned terriers too, cos they never ask if we are schnauzers or some funny breeds (it has happened so many times that we found it really offensive cos we are simply two different breeds!) and truly know how to celebrate our delightful antics.

The finale of the event is singing the national song! Ooo... lots of people stood proudly to attention as the music began. Sensing that good things might follow the song, Party wisely rose to attention too...

And he was right! How can a birthday celebration be without a birthday cake?
Both Party and I truly thought that we were deserving of this treat since we had walked hard for it. I was apprehensive at first, but mummy took a bite and I suppose that it was alright for my waistline. Also, from the corner of my eye, I saw Party and Fever finishing up theirs and I figured that I had better hurry...
After the tasty snack, Party and I were pretty much contented to be lazing around and wait for the lucky draw to call on our numbers. After all, if our numbers were picked, we would win an enormous amount of dry food which would feed us for ages.

Fever was however not contented. She was caught canvassing for more snacks and was told off by her mummy several times. Gosh, it must be embarrassing for Fever to be told off in front of so many people!

Fever has been brought back for the umpteenth time and I thought that I would not be caught dead being told off in public. I am determined to be on my best-est behaviour and wait for the next outing!

Mango (and Party)

The National Dog Walk 2006

Party and I made it to the National Dog Walk 2006 !

This is a special walk organised for us pooches to celebrate our country's birthday as well as to raise funds for animal rescue societies....

Here's everyone in red as it is our national colour. Party and I did our bit by dressing up in red (at least before the walk begins).

Upon arrival, we pushed our way out of mummy's car, hurriedly greeted Uncle Pt and pushed our way to where Fever and her friends are.

Glorious! We checked out the hot dogs and the jack rascal that we heard Fever had learnt to sing from.

we were thrilled to meet super-fit Toby and his two new siblings- 2 cute smooth fox terriers of only 4 and 1/2 months old! What sporting pups to be supporting this fund-raising walk at their young age!

All of us were pulling at our leashes to go especially when we heard that our goody bags are waiting for us at the end of the walk.

In the end, we decided to start the walk ourselves. Surely the organisers will understand that we wires are an enthusiastic lot and ever-ready to go!

In the beginning, I huffed and puffed in the heat of the day. However, Uncle Pt is not going to let me off with a stroll. He pushed me forward and soon, the rest of the gang trailed at the back!

Uncle Pt is very determinded that we will be one of the firsts, perhaps he had thought that like the human 'Amazing Race', someone will be there to tell us "congratulations, you are the first to arrive. (here's your goodie bag.)"

To our amazement, none of that came to be. Instead, we were greeted by an uncle with a BIG hairdo. Ooo, here's me arriving way ahead of everyone else.

Ooo... check out the goodies!

Now that the walk's completed, the party's gonna begin!


Saturday, August 05, 2006

Fox Terrier Network Photo Contest!

It was such a hot afternoon! We spent the afternoon lounging lazily in the air-con indoors and surfed away.

To our wiry delight, we discovered that Fox Terrier Network is having its annual photo contest! Here's what it says:

The Fox Terrier Network 2006 Photo Contest will begin on August 15, 2006 and it will end on January 15, 2007. Get out those cameras and take those amazing shots of your wonderful wire and smooth fox terriers.

We have three categories again this year. We have the "wire" category, the "smooth" category, and the "What have you done?" category.

The "wire" category can have any content as long as a wire fox terrier is in the picture.

The "smooth" category can have any content as long as a smooth fox terrier is in the picture.

The "What have you done?" category could be of either a wire or smooth fox terrier, or both wire and smooth getting into some sort of mischief or doing something out of the ordinary.

Good luck with the contest.

Party and I were so thrilled that we went looking at photos of past years' contest. Lo and behold! We found familiar wiry faces of Axel, Gus and Mackie. There were also alot of other pics that remind us so much of what makes us surely really wires. We had so much fun looking at the photos! Here's some of them:

It is simply ingenious of this wire to pose with the violin! I dun think I could ever do this!

Don't we all have this looking-out-of-the-window look? I wonder if this is one of the marks of a true wire...

And finally, the one I leaned up close to admire. Every wire's gotta have a pose like this, to remind our parents that we are waiting for some action outside.

Oh gosh! Time to pull out the camera from the cupboard and make mummy our official photographer! The "what have you done?" category suits us wires just right and it seems to be a perfect reason for us to go up a notch in mischief.

We are certainly going to have some fun with the camera and we are sure looking forward to seeing our wire bloggerpals rise up to the occasion and have loads of fun too!

Wiry tails up,

Mango & Party