Monday, June 25, 2007

How did Party get in first?

No fair, Party gets to do everything first. He got his paws online first. He also got to celebrate his birthday first. Here he was, gobbling up every bit of his birthday cake.
Yeah, he celebrated his birthday on FIRST of March, and I will have to wait until August. He gets to reach 7 years old FIRST while I am always a year behind him.
I solemnly swear on my wiry paws that I will get to my dog bowl every morning and night to make up for it.

The Party's still on

It had been a long time since I could land my paws on the lap-top. So long I felt my paws had gotten clumsy.
Life had been decent; I had managed to survive these past months without a bad case of fits. Fee's mummy is suggesting that I get sent for the needle treatment (they call it a long long name-accupuncture) to give me a good boost.
I am seriously concerned... Auntie Fee told mummy that there is a vet who had used the needleworks on an elephant in the zoo with success. Ellipoon? Oh my... I may be fiesty, but I am a mere 7.5kg fiesty wire!
Wirily worried,