Monday, July 30, 2007


We were popping by our daughter and pals' blogs when we were shocked to learn that one of Fever's pals, Oscar the airedale, had gone over to the rainbow bridge.

We hope for all the love in the world to be with Oscar's mummy and daddy as we share their loss. And we believe that brave Oscar will run free and go on, and on.
Wiry loves,
Mango & Party

To the Dog-tar

It had all been in the spirit of friendly boxing matches. Thus, it was with great dismay when mum came home yesterday to find a trickle of blood flowing from my eye. She had cleaned it up and found a tiny cut at my bottom eye-lid and a red-eye. She reckoned that I might have been boxed by Party during her absence.

My red eye persisted till today. As mum had recently met a little CKC pup whose eye ball had burst till to infection from being scratched, she got really worried and brought us to the vet this morning.

I did sustain a cut, but I can certainly still see. The Dog-tar's is a serious place I did not like to be at. Neither did Party like it. Once inside, we know that we must leave boxing out of the picture and unite in our attempt to get out.

I tried to get friendly with the nurse, gave mum the look of being betrayed for being handed over to the Dog-tar, but nevertheless I still ended up on the cold metal table. The Dog-tar even squeezed some gooey stuff into my eye. Yuck. When we got home, mum gave me a squirt of antibiotics and then, another squirt of anti-inflamatory meds. Yuck Yuck!

Red-eyed mango

Monday, July 09, 2007

Everywhere we go, we will wanna fight

I wonder if this happens to all wiry folks out there, but this happens to us all the time.

Every time before we go for a walk, Mango tries to remind me about who is the boss. This happens if I walk ahead of her, get into or off the car before her, or if she has to share mum's bed with me. Ocassionally, I fight back, and win. But when the next walk is due, it happens again!

Oh well, if it makes Mango feels better. I know I can win her if I want to; I am up for a feisty challenge but at the end of the day, I think she still likes me. Mum assures me that when I am not around, she cries and mopes and feels insecure. I suppose I will just have to accept that this is how she has fun best!

Wiry paws up!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Dear folks,

What a busy night. Many times when we settled in cosy and comfy with mum, she had to rush out of the room. She did not allow us to go along, to our dismay, and so we kept having to wait by the door... Seems like she is having a bad tummy and keeps heading for the loo. Oh well, it is not exactly that I wanna put my muzzle into her private moment, but I do fancy joining her in the loo. After all, did she not watch me poo all the time?

I know how it feels like. Months ago, I was having the runs regularly. The vet said that it was some infection of the intestines. I hope it is nothing serious (all paws crossed!) ... In the end, mum and I discover that if she comes home and feeds me ON TIME, the runs simply go away!!! Mum said that is where she is different from me; she eats and she has the runs, I eat and the runs go away! Gosh, TGIAW (Thank God I'm A Wire)!

Tracking mum's movements had slowed my paws on the computer abit, but it did not stop me from finding an old clip from the lap-top. Looks like I was caught killing my toy:

Being a wire certainly has its advantages. I am glad that I am destined to eat and have fun in life.

Proud feisty wire,