Sunday, September 24, 2006

On Heat!

I am tired and grouchy and moody! And sulking in my bed has been comforting.

I am on heat! Oh no wonder Party's been following my tail yesterday and today!

Mummy's going to make plans to send me away for a few days next week or something, so that Party does not go nuts or something. She said no more babies for me, since I am 5, am such a fierce mother and anyway too old for babies. Yup, no more baby Fevers.

I dun wanna go! i will miss my bed, all of my toys and all of my treats and all of the special attention, and having Party and mummy around. What if they go to the parks without me?!

But if she sends Party away for a few days, she said that I will be howling at home alone for days!


Wiry gloom,

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Finally Back!

Oh gosh! It is so good to back into this space.

For the past weeks, we had not been able to lay a single toe on the lap-top cos mum was on it for work ALL THE TIME. It was so painful to pine for some attention and lap-top time.

Howdy everyone! We missed everyone!

Party and I had found out that all that baking suspense was for a some sort of celebrating of my birthday (whippee!) two weekends or so ago. Mum did not manage to take any pics at the dog run cos Party and I were so naughty and she had to keep her eyes and hands on us.

She did manage to take some pics of the birthday celebration though, of which Party sat so pretty, as if it was his birthday. Poor him! I think he never got over the fact that there was no celebration for him in March, and so he pretended that we were all celebrating his birthday.

Will be posting the pics soon. In the meantime, we are continually petitioning for more online time. We still have not figured out what the measuring of our heads was for, and will keep you guys updated as soon as we have that figured out!

Wiry Loves and misses,
Mango and Party