Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Signs of a good start for the year

Mango and I went to Auntie Fee (Fee's mum)'s place for our visit today. This is the third visit this year. While mum went off for work, we romped freely with our fiesty & robust daughter and mum came to join us after work.

Auntie Fee calls me 'the little cheat' cos last year, I had the mood swings and disinterest in all food at Auntie Fee's, but always went back to my perky greedy self when I get home. Today, I was good. I:

1. Dug a hole in Auntie Fee (Fee's mum)'s bedsheet.

2. Asserted my need for attention by scratching Auntie Fee excessively.

3. Polished off the nice decent meal (mince meat + sausage + liver + garlic + some beans) prepared by Auntie Fee.

4. Polished off all decent treats (dried sasami + lamb treats + some minty chix-flavoured treats), minus the not-so-meaty ones (biscuits & yoghurt drops).

5. Indulged like a king on the sofa all to myself while Mango and Fee slept on the floor.

Voila... nobody could figure out why the good mood today. I did heard lots of speculations and my name being mentioned in mum and Auntie Fee's conversation all night long. I know that despite tolerating my naughty nonsense, Auntie Fee was secretly pleased that I was naughty and greedy.

Auntie Fee heard that I love powdered goat's milk and she said she will get some for me during the next visit. And she was wondering about the next visit's menu for us. Yummzzz...

I have started on medication - the vet says it will be life-long - for the fits and so far, they had been staying away. On top of that, the compensating nature of mum and Auntie Fee made them all extra nice to me so I guess that explains all the extra goodies, love and play.

Since the medication comes bundled in my favourite - bread - I am eager to compile. And plus the extra tasty goodies, fun and more food, this year looks promising to be a wonderful year ahead.

Dear dogs' God, please let this be a good year for me. No sick, no fits... or lesser... just more love and goodies and walks and play and toys please?

Earnestly wire,


Monday, January 15, 2007

My dark secret

Other than Mango, mum and me, I am convinced that there is some monster living together with us.

Every morning, this monster breaks into a long-winded, out-of-tune song. I detest it with every wire hair I have. When mum does not wake up soon enough to break up the song, I take things into my own hands:

I sure can sing better!

Wiry Cheers,

Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Ducky Scare

Mango and Fever had fun!

Compliments from Mango and Party

Party's say

Pawssup! I'm back!

Mum finally went on leave (for two whole whopping weeks of December) and it was about time!

I was seriously heading for a serious bout of dog blues.

Being guilty, mum was extra nice and we went almost everywhere with her. We took extra long walks, chased some feisty cats (birds were too flighty...) in the neighbourhood. However, mum did not want us to get too idle and assigned us some babysitting duties. We were to babysit Fee while her parents went on vacation. For once in my life, I had to earn my keep.

Babysitting was back-breaking. Fee wanted attention.. she wanna play... all the time! And she wanted to be patted all the time too.

I was tired out by the first day.

Can you tell Fever and me apart?
*Clue: I am 7.5kg and Fee is erm... 9?

Last Christmas, Fee was too young to have a party but this year, we celebrated Christmas as any respectable wft family should... with food! A hearty appetite is a tradition that we the Ramasage family upholds.

I just hope Christmas is coming soon.

Spaghetti and yoghurt-coated cheescake for the Ramasage Family Dinner.

We also visited Auntie Raye at Urban Pooch on Christmas Day. To our embarrassment, Fee vomitted during the car ride.

Gosh. I should have brought her security blanket in the car.

Thankfully, Auntie Raye was fun to play with. The games she played tested our WFT intelligence cos her antagonising puppet toy could sing and she also played treats-hunting games. But the best part must be the not-one, but twwwoo glorious doggy logcakes she gave us. The cakes are made for dogs and so it means that we could feast away.

Being responsible ah pa, I shared the logcakes with Fee.

Earning my keep was no easy peasy feat. I had to make sure that Fee eats loads, played hard and din feel lonely while her parents were not around. Thankfully it has its perks. I earned a cushy bed to sleep in.

I delighted in it.

I heard that 2006 had left and 2007 is here. Whatever that is all about, I hope this means more feasts, outings and oh well, babysitting jobs if I have to, since it has its perks.

Bye 2006!

Ah Pa a.k.a. Party