Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Taking stock...

I resent daily medication & I still do! I detest needles & I still do! I cannot resist the urge to nip the acupuncture uncle & I am still trying!

But ... changes are happening & I can't help smiling...

Last week, I was officially taken off one of the two meds that I had been taking since last year!

Each of my past 2 seizures lasted 4 minutes in total. It has been quite a while since they were within 5 minutes! Whoo hoo!

There are a few stages in a seizure, and one of them is kinda like the 'actual seizure' whereby the seizure activity is most intense & critical (t was not present in the seizure that mum first witnessed when I was around 3, but over the years, it developed and its duration increased too). Prior to starting on medication, it was around 5 min, and prior to acupuncture, the timing of this was around 3 minutes.

However, I did not go into that last week!! 0 minutes!!!


Whoo hoo, join me in merry-making! Let's do the wire's merry little jig! Celebrate with me!! It has been one heck of a fight & the road ahead is uncertain, but at least there is alot to smile about for now.



Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I am 8!

I didn't intend to go into hiding...

But I had been deep in thought...

If I turn 8 this year, does it mean that I am going to be... a senior wft? (hmmm... 8 canine years = ... 56 human years?) Do I have to give up all my favourite toys and be a mature wire?

No... wait... I am not giving them up... I've gotta borrow Mango's toes.... Fever's toes... mum and Auntie Fee's toes too, gotta count again...

Hah! It is 56 alright! I have turned 8! It's time to go shopping for More TOYS!