Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Time flies like wires

I am 10 this year and Mango is 9.

Mum says that everyday with wires (Us!) has been a blessing and bonus.

Me on the right, Mango on the left.

We think so too!

Party and Mango

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


it felt like we knew her forever. one of our first pals here. one who made this land of computers, keyboards, and typing, a warm place to come to.

it feels like she will always be here, one of us forever.

you have always been a sweet sassy gal and we are just gonna miss you loads, Snickers.

till we meet one day...

Mango & Party

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Dog Rescue

There! Mum told us about this report on the news and we wanted to see for ourselves, the chivalrous dog who dragged another vehicle-hit dog off the busy highway in Chile.

We are in awe when we saw this:

You are a hero!

Salutes, loves & hugs,
Mango & Party

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Till we meet again

to our friend Daisy,

many many moons ago, the love that Missy and you shared had touched, inspired and opened mum's heart-gates to having furry kids.

we are all going to miss you.

Till we meet again.

Mango & Party

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Will (finally) work for cake

Tee hee... finally! Party will work for cake! Now I am convinced that he is a true-blue wire...
For snacks, I give paws, spin, and attempt little dances... Party? Hmmm... he sits and works his sad/innocent/starved/wide-eyed looks. but that is about it.

Yes, he knows how to give ' paw', and mum knows that he knows too - she just can't convince stubborn Party that it is ok for boys to give paw. Or perhaps he might be too convinced that being the only (stoic) boy of the household, he has a reputation to uphold...

Until the bribe came in the plain-looking, butterless, fluffy form - it is like a traditional chinese, steamed version of a (plain) cupcake called 'steamed egg cake'.

Lo and behold! It was an inch shy of touching the floor but I saw the lifted paw! I dunno what it is about the plain-looking cake that finally awakens the wire in him but wheew... it is kinda hard to convince others that wires are smart if he acts blur all the time you know...

A few days back, we celebrated Party's paw-giving confirmation with a home-baked version of the egg cake. Yeah, mum figured that if it makes Party tick, she would want to ensure we do not run into any crisis situation whereby we 'need' (?) the cake and can't find it at the shops.

We always stay close as long as mum is in the kitchen. But I have to admit that it was Party who spotted it first...

See? It is a plain little cake!

But look how Party's eyes lit up...

His eyes would not leave the cake... he probably can be hypnotized just by staring at the cake!

And to test it further, mum baked something else today... And as much as Party likes any cake... his eyes just did not light up the way they do when he spots the cake of his life...

See, his eyes din light up like it was the egg cake!

Of cos I will not be left out. Like any proper wire, I am happy as long as there is cake.

Someone bring on the cakes!


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Taking stock...

I resent daily medication & I still do! I detest needles & I still do! I cannot resist the urge to nip the acupuncture uncle & I am still trying!

But ... changes are happening & I can't help smiling...

Last week, I was officially taken off one of the two meds that I had been taking since last year!

Each of my past 2 seizures lasted 4 minutes in total. It has been quite a while since they were within 5 minutes! Whoo hoo!

There are a few stages in a seizure, and one of them is kinda like the 'actual seizure' whereby the seizure activity is most intense & critical (t was not present in the seizure that mum first witnessed when I was around 3, but over the years, it developed and its duration increased too). Prior to starting on medication, it was around 5 min, and prior to acupuncture, the timing of this was around 3 minutes.

However, I did not go into that last week!! 0 minutes!!!


Whoo hoo, join me in merry-making! Let's do the wire's merry little jig! Celebrate with me!! It has been one heck of a fight & the road ahead is uncertain, but at least there is alot to smile about for now.



Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I am 8!

I didn't intend to go into hiding...

But I had been deep in thought...

If I turn 8 this year, does it mean that I am going to be... a senior wft? (hmmm... 8 canine years = ... 56 human years?) Do I have to give up all my favourite toys and be a mature wire?

No... wait... I am not giving them up... I've gotta borrow Mango's toes.... Fever's toes... mum and Auntie Fee's toes too, gotta count again...

Hah! It is 56 alright! I have turned 8! It's time to go shopping for More TOYS!